The Lynx Difference


Exact Air Regulators

Exact Air Regulators are the ultimate in air traffic
control – Lynx use dampers which are commercial grade and have opposable blade dampers to control precisely how much airflow goes to each selected zone. You’re rewarded with smoother, quieter, more even airflow.

CHEAPER ALTERNATIVEThe cheaper, more common BTO has not evolved in decades and results in less efficient and poor air balancing.




Return Air Grille
Return Air GrilleIn domestic reverse cycle air conditioning systems, the air in the home is recycled and filtered by the return air grille and filter. The better the level of filtration, the cleaner the air you breathe. Unless otherwise noted, Lynx’s installation will include the high quality Purtech Return Air Grille.

The Purtech Return Air Grille is the only return air grille with a unique electro-static filter as standard to give your home cleaner, healthier air. It is the only all-in-one return air grille and box, thus eliminating air leaks, making the return air ultra quiet.

The Purtech has an easily removable plastic core enabling simple cleaning of your filter. Choosing the cheaper, hinged egg crate grille will result in more noise, inferior filtration and therefore poorer air quality.

DuctingAll ducting is not created equal. Lynx use R1.0 Fire Rated Silver Sleeve Thermaflex with 70mm polyester insulation throughout the entire installation. This means that when your roof is a sweltering 60˚+, the cooled air in your duct stays cool. This will significantly reduce running costs and improve comfort.




Outlets are important because they are the “face” of the air conditioning system. Lynx’s standard inclusion is the Streemline diffuser with multi-directional, adjustable blades, which puts you in control of air flow direction.


If you are looking for elegance, a Linear Bar diffuser is a stylish option. These can be quoted as an option.


ZoningWhile most standard systems divide your home into 2-3 zones (which means you have multiple rooms in each zone), Zone 10.3 gives you up to 10 so you can pick and choose precisely which rooms receive conditioned air. You stay comfortable and save energy.

Zone 10.3 has an intuitive touch screen which allows you to program in a week’s worth of schedules and gives you air volume control to each zone.

This system is also upgradeable should you need to add additional zones in the future, eg the arrival of a new child or room addition.
Dual Control options are available for upstairs / downstairs, or large homes. The Zone Stations will “mimic” each other, thus reducing the need to run all over your home when needing to change the operation of your zones.


5 YearFor your peace of mind, all unit manufacturers offer 5 Years Parts & Labour Warranty on domestic installations (2 Years on commercial installations), which Lynx Air Conditioning matches with its Workmanship Warranty on all our installations. This far exceeds the standard 1 Year offered by most other installation companies.


Now Compare!
We invite you to compare our standard installation inclusions with your other air conditioning quotations, because we believe you will delighted to see the quality and value for money you receive with a Lynx Air Conditioning Installation.


The Lynx Difference
From our initial site survey, planning and design, to installation and after-sales service, Lynx can offer the single source solution to a totally controlled environment.

This individual attention will ensure that the design of your air conditioning will meet your requirements. After being individually designed, each air conditioning plan is handed to our team of expert installers to ensure that premium quality and customer satisfaction is achieved. Lynx is a professional company with a genuine commitment to quality and service.